Good Memory / Bad Memory

When you look back into your memories, what do you see? Do you recall the good things? The bad things? Which most readily springs to mind?

“I do not find fault with short memories, but with good memories which are treacherous towards divine things. What I complain of is that memory may be very strong concerning self-interest, grievances, and trials, and yet towards God’s mercies it may be very weak.” ―Charles Spurgeon

When one of the psalmists was downcast, his thoughts started to go back to the bad memories, but he chose to remember the good

…my soul is downcast within me; therefore I will remember You… (Psalm 42:6)

Did you catch that therefore?

This psalmist said, “As soon as I realize I am focusing on the bad, I will remember my God!”

This is why I am a big proponent of using a prayer journal: a written record of your prayers, answers to those prayers, revelations the Holy Spirit has shown you in the Scriptures, and other good memories. That way when your soul is downcast, you can remember the good things God has said and done for you.

Don’t let the bad memories trump the good things God has done for you. Remember … remember … remember!

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