Nurturing The Leader Within Your Child (book review)

I make no attempt to hide my admiration for Dr. Tim Elmore. I read his blog throughout the week, I subscribe to his newsletter, and I find his books right on target. As a parent, I always want to raise my game, and Nurturing The Leader Within Your Child is the perfect resource for me.

Tim’s desire in this book is two-fold: (1) Help parents see the enormous potential in their children, and (2) Help parents see how crucial their role is in releasing that leadership potential. One of his premises is this:

“Children want parents who:

  • communicate their interest in me;
  • express appreciation for each member of our family;
  • structure their lives to spend time together;
  • welcome my friends into our home;
  • answer my questions;
  • are committed to each other;
  • deal with crisis in a positive way;
  • are honest;
  • correct kids when needed, but not in front of friends;
  • don’t argue in front of me;
  • concentrate on strengths instead of weaknesses; and
  • are consistent.”

The concepts Dr. Elmore presents are clear, concise, and simple to implement. But they are not microwaveable concepts; that is to say, you shouldn’t expect an overnight success story. But if you want to see your children discover and tap into the leadership potential resident inside them, you—Mom and Dad—will have to nurture it. If you are ready, this book can help!

2 Responses to “Nurturing The Leader Within Your Child (book review)”

  1. kascjakwarriors Says:

    So few parents realize the HUGE leadership role they have in bringing out the best in their children! Thank you for sharing this!


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