Freedom Of Religion

This is not a political post. This is an urgent issue that should concern all Americans.

President Barak Obama’s Health and Human Services Secretary has issued a ruling which outlines her definition of how “Obama Care” must be implemented. In effect a single person’s decision, sanctioned by the president of the United States, has become an edict: a law that must be followed.

This is dangerous on so many levels! It violates everything our Founding Fathers tried to avoid when they wrote our Constitution. They wanted independence from a king who could make laws singlehandedly by edict. Therefore our Constitution was wisely designed with the checks-and-balances of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches all involved in every law.

This particular ruling by our HHS Secretary is dangerous. If we are silent and let this slide by unchallenged, it will lead to the undoing of our Constitution.

I don’t consider myself a political activist. And I don’t ever recall a time I have used my blog as an appeal to my readers to take any sort of political action. But we cannot remain silent on this!

One of the best websites to see the timeline of decisions, to read the HHS ruling, and to see how others are responding to this attack on our freedom is the Manhattan Declaration. Please visit this site and sign the petition. I would also encourage you to read and sign the Manhattan Declaration as well.

Do NOT remain silent on this!

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