Even Before You Ask

A couple of weeks ago a lady in our church asked me to pray for a need in her life. She is a single Mom, as well as a caregiver for her bed-bound grandmother, which means money is tight.

She knew her car needed some repairs, so she took the car to the mechanic on Thursday afternoon. His initial estimate was $400. On Sunday we prayed about this, and joined our faith that God would either provide the funds, or provide another way for her car to be repaired.

Here’s a powerful verse of Scripture—

…Your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask Him! (Matthew 6:8)

This lady returned to her mechanic the next day, and he told her the repairs had been completed. But the repairs were not as extensive as he originally thought, so the bill was only $105.

Now, here’s the best part—on Thursday, this lady had looked at her financial situation and had set aside all the money she could afford for this repair: $125!

So not only did God provide for her even before she asked, but she even gave the mechanic a $20 tip!

I love the fact that God knows what we need even before we ask Him!

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