Present Tense

I never want my best days to be in my past.

I don’t want things I’ve learned to become old.

I don’t want nostalgia for God’s moving and provision in my life to be greater than my current joy in His moving and provision.

I don’t want to live in the past tense, but always in the present tense.

For Christians there is a danger in reflecting more on the past than on the present. God says He is the I AM, not the I WAS. He wants to do something new in you and I today… present tense.

I love what Smith Wigglesworth said —

“Beloved, don’t forget that every day must be a day of advancement. If you have not made any advancement since yesterday, in a measure you are a backslider. There is only one way for you between Calvary and the glory, and it is forward. It is every day forward. It is no day back. It is advancement with God. It is cooperation with Him in the Spirit. …If we live on the same plane day after day, the vision is stale; the principles lose their earnestness. But we must be like those who are catching the vision of the Master day by day.”

Jesus, let me catch the vision of You again today. Let my vision always be present tense.

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