On The Verge (book review)

I’ve only been acquainted with the writings of Alan Hirsch for a short time, but—wow!—do his thoughts resonate with me. On The Verge, which was co-authored with Dave Ferguson, is a thought-provoking, paradigm-challenging look at the potential of the church.

Alan and Dave make it very clear right from the outset that the church in America is at a crucial make-or-break point. They point out that the church in Europe and Australia have already lost their effectiveness in their cultures, and if the church in America doesn’t wake up soon, it will soon head down that same sad path toward irrelevancy.

The good news is that everything the church needs to become the disciple-making, missionally-minded, Christ-centered force it should be is right within it. If churches are willing to realign themselves with the apostolic gene at their core, they are right on the verge of something great!

On The Verge focuses on how churches can imagine, shift, innovate, and then move. Both Alan and Dave are well-suited to inspire their readers to take up this challenge before it’s too late. Alan’s thoughts about the church are so far ahead of the curve, and Dave is not just a church theorist, but he’s successfully doing all of the practices shared in this book.

Pastors and church leaders especially need to read this book. But—as Alan and Dave point out—this is not an issue just for professional clergy. In fact, if the church in America is going to survive and thrive, everyone needs to be involved. This will be a challenging book to read, but well worth your time.

I received a free copy of this book for review.

One Response to “On The Verge (book review)”

  1. Oreste Pompetti Says:

    Couldn’t agree more with you Craig. I am over half way through reading this book and I cannot wait to finish it so I can write up my own review and talk up this masterpiece as much as I can. What Alan and Dave have written here deserves the attention of every Minister and Church leader on the planet. A job done well done boys! Like. From Melbourne, Australia


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