You Were Born For This (book review)

I love the way Bruce Wilkinson makes biblical truths so exciting and live-able. You Were Born For This is no exception.

The idea behind this book is that God does miracles every day, but He usually calls on people to deliver those miracles. That’s what we were born to do. Bruce writes:

“You see, God did not place you on this earth to notice Him at work only once or twice in your whole life. He did not create you to consistently miss out on the wonder of His presence and power. The truth is, you were born to live a supernatural life doing God’s work by God’s power. You were born to walk out your door each morning believing that God will use you to deliver a necessary miracle today.”

Using a powerful combination of scriptural and personal examples, Bruce makes the case that God wants to use everyone of us as His delivery agents. He shows us that the Holy Spirit is nudging us to see the needs right in front of us. And then Bruce shows us how we can be a part of the delivery process.

One more quote from the book:

“When you and I purposely ask God to send us to do His work on earth, we take on a completely different role in our day. We are now people sent from God, His delivery agents. We walk out the door knowing that He could have a miracle (a delivery through us) for anyone we meet. Why? Because, from God’s point of view, everyone, everywhere, at all times is in need. God knows about every need, and He cares about each one. That’s why He loves to send servants who are passionate about delivering visible proofs of His goodness and glory.

As always when I finish a Bruce Wilkinson book, I’m seeing the world differently now. I’m ready to be God’s miracle delivery agent. If you are ready to see God’s miracles happen around you time and time again, I highly recommend this book as a great place to start.

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