I Am Drowned

I love this thought from John Bunyan:

God is the chief good—good so as nothing but Himself. He is in Himself most happy; yes, all good and all true happiness are only to be found in God, as that which is essential to His nature; nor is there any good or any happiness in or with any creature or thing but which is communicated to it by God. God is the only desirable good; nothing without Him is worthy of our hearts. Right thoughts of God are able to ravish the heart; how much more happy is the man that has interest in God. God alone is able by himself to put the soul into a more blessed, comfortable, and happy condition that can the whole world; yes, and more than if all created happiness of all the angels of heaven did dwell on one man’s bosom. I cannot tell what to say. I am drowned. The life, the glory, the blessedness, the soul-satisfying goodness that is in God are beyond all expression. (emphasis added)

I love drowning in God’s glorious, blessed, soul-satisfying, beyond-all-expression love!

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