A Treasury Of A.W. Tozer (book review)

I find A.W. Tozer’s writings to be so thought-provoking. Even though his books were all published before I was even born, his writing always seems so applicable to me right now.

A Treasury Of A.W. Tozer is a good starter book for those new to Tozer. This collection gives selected chapters from over a dozen of Tozer’s books. It’s a good way to sample his writing, discover a topic that is especially convicting/enlightening/energizing to you, and then you know which full book to dive into headlong.

There are far too many quotes I highlighted in this collection to begin to share here, but let me close this review with one of my all-time favorite Tozer quotes. This is one which helps remind me that my agenda is not my agenda…

“The man with a cross no longer controls his destiny; he lost control when he picked up his cross.”

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