Banished Words

Lake Superior State University releases a list of banished words each year (the list for 2011 is here). These are words that have gotten over-used and lost their meaning. I can’t say that I agree with the entire list, but it’s pretty accurate.

I ran a few of the banished words through a Google search on my blog, and here’s my scorecard:

  • Viral … 0
  • Epic … 1
  • Fail … a few times, but not as LSSU bans it
  • Wow Factor … 0
  • A-ha Moment … 0
  • BFF … 0
  • Man Up … 0

Not too bad!

Now I just need to make sure I’m doing the same careful evaluation of my everyday vocabulary to make sure I don’t sound too “churchy.”

3 Responses to “Banished Words”

  1. Stephanie Vazquez Says:

    What an EPIC article! I would love to see your blog go VIRAL. There have been plenty of A-HA MOMENTS and WOW-FACTORS in your blogs and sermons that have prevented me and my BFF’s from an Epic FAIL in our lives. So MAN-UP and continue to do what you do best……OK, I’ll stop now 🙂


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