Outlive Your Life (book review)

When I hear “Max Lucado has a new book coming out,” I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas! And just like those kids on Christmas morning, when I received Outlive Your Life, I tore into this book, and scarcely put it down until I devoured it.

I love the concept: The impact your life makes can live on far after your physical life has ended here. To make his case, Max uses the example of Jesus’ first disciples whose dedication to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ has far outlived their first-century lives. Specifically, Max uses the first twelve chapters of Acts as the disciples begin this work right after Jesus has ascended back into heaven.

Max uses examples from 33 AD to show us a 2010 AD life application. What the original disciples did then, we 21st-century disciples can do now. As always, Max digs such timely truths out of the Scripture that makes it seem so relevant for today. For right now!

At the back of the book is a discussion and action guide which opens with the words, “Max wants you to do more than read about the book of Acts. He wants you to live out the twenty-ninth chapter, writing the story of the church for your generation.” I found both the discussion questions and action ideas personally challenging, and great conversation-starts for a small group or a Bible study.

It’s almost automatic that I give Max Lucado’s books an unreserved five-out-of-five stars, and this book is no exception. You’ll find so much in this book to apply to your life, your church, your ministry. And here’s another bonus: Max Lucado is giving 100% of his royalties to charities such as World Vision who are helping to make a life-changing difference in our world.

I am a Thomas Nelson book reviewer.

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