It’s noon, He’s hot and thirsty after a lengthy journey and some intense ministry, so Jesus sits down by a well to get a drink. He’s hungry too, so He sends His disciples into town to buy some lunch. Along comes a woman from the town, whom Jesus engages in conversation about eternal life. (It’s a really cool story—read the whole thing here.)

While this woman runs back into town to invite others to come hear what Jesus has to say, the disciples return with lunch.

“Here, Jesus,” they say, handing Him some food, “eat something.”

“No, thanks,” Jesus replies, “I’m not that hungry right now.”

The disciples start talking among themselves, “What? Where did He get food? Did someone bring Him something to eat?”

Jesus overhears them and makes this fascinating statement:

The food that keeps Me going is that I do the will of the One who sent Me, finishing the work He started.

What nourished Jesus was feeling the Father’s approval.

What energized Jesus was seeing other people begin to understand the Father’s love for them.

What motivated Jesus was to take every opportunity to tell someone else about God’s love.

Finishing the work that God started is good and good for you.

It’s yummy and it’s nourishing!

So I’m asking myself:

  • What nourishes me?
  • What energizes me?
  • What motivates me?
  • What is so fulfilling that I cannot go a day without it?

My prayer—my heart’s desire—is that the answer to all of these questions every single day is finishing the work of God in my generation.

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