The Lord’s Prayer (book review)

Yeah, yeah… you know about the Lord’s Prayer. Maybe you know it by heart. Maybe you pray this prayer every week at your church, or maybe even every day in your home. But do you really know the Lord’s Prayer? R.T. Kendall is about to take you on a journey of discovery that will energize this prayer like never before.

The Lord’s Prayer leads you through this powerful prayer phrase by phrase, petition by petition. Dr. Kendall calls this “the perfect prayer,” and after reading his insights, I think you will agree with him.

I know that anything I do or say time and time again can lose some of its meaning. The Lord’s Prayer is so well known that many of us can rattle it off from rote memory, almost in one breath, and never really comprehend what we’re actually praying. Dr. Kendall brings out such a depth of understanding in each phrase of this prayer, that I don’t think I will ever pray it the same way again.

For instance, I never realized the significance of even the order of the prayer. Jesus put the first thing first and then puts each following phrase in its perfect place as well. The way Dr. Kendall explains it brings out such a richness of understanding.

I could imagine this book being the perfect tool to help your personal prayer life go deeper. I can also see this book being used by a church’s prayer team to help energize their prayer times together. Whether personally or corporately, your prayer life will be greatly benefitted by this book.

I am a Chosen Books book reviewer.

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