Shop With A Purpose

Why do you go shopping?

Just for fun?

As a stress-buster?

For real needs?

Where do you go shopping?

Whichever store is closest?

The one with the best prices?

     The one with the most desirable styles?

How about shopping somewhere that really makes a difference?

Betsy and I were wandering around Rockford, MI, last weekend and stumbled upon an incredible store called The W.A.R. Chest Boutique. W.A.R. stands for Women At Risk. (Please read more about the mission of W.A.R. on their website.)

In a nutshell, W.A.R. sells items made by women who have been rescued from slavery or other oppressive conditions. These women have been taught a skill to make jewelry or clothing or other one-of-a-kind items for your home. And here’s the great part: 90% of the proceeds go back to the women who made the items! Yes, 90 percent!

You can get involved by:

  • Educating yourself on the plight of at-risk women around the world.
  • Shopping at the two W.A.R. boutique locations in West Michigan.
  • Shopping W.A.R.’s items online.
  • Hosting a W.A.R. party in your home.
  • Praying for these women, and for organizations that are helping them.

Don’t just shop. Shop with a purpose.

Never walk away from someone who deserves help; your hand is God’s hand for that person. (Proverbs 3:27)

One Response to “Shop With A Purpose”

  1. Becky McDonald Says:

    Bless you for caring about helping us lift our wounded women and children to lives of dignity by sharing your experience in our store and our website with others. Indeed, shopping there literally lifts a woman from the gutters of slavery to a life of dignity. Imagine going from being chained to a bed of horror for a living to working in a safe house, well light, air conditioned with all women who have walked the same dark road and do not condemn each other. They come to work every day now to make beautiful international gifts of distinction. They receive the wage of a college graduate even though they are illiterate, health care, education, job training, meals, counseling, hugs when the tears fall, gentle guidance and the whisper of worth and dignity into shattered lives. Our passion is to wrap arms of love around the wounded. Thank you for caring! Our women are not asking for a handout, just that you buy the work of their hands. We are in 21 countries (USA included) addressing 14 risk issues but all our product is about one of those issues, human trafficking. I hope we can find ways in the near future to partner!


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