The Power Of Touch

I grew up in a church that believed in the literal “laying on of hands” while praying for someone. I still like to pray that way because I believe there is a power in the human touch.

Science has proven that human-to-human touch helps people feel better faster, lowers blood pressure, and stimulates cognitive development in newborns.

We shake hands with people when we meet them as a sign of acceptance.

We lay our hand on a friend’s arm or shoulder to show we empathize with their pain.

We embrace or kiss a loved one to show affection.

Dr. Paul Brand, a renowned surgeon who worked with leprosy patients in India, said that his hands were his most delicate and most accurate diagnostic tool.

How devastating when we withhold our touch! How crushing when the only time we touch is when we are angry!

  • Think about how much more meaningful our prayers with someone would be if we would just lay our hands on them.
  • Think about how much warmer the greeting would be if we gave someone the two-handed handshake.
  • Think about how much greater our bond with a hurting friend if we simply put our arm around their slumping shoulders.
  • Think about how much deeper the connection with your spouse and children if you held hands more often.

Touch someone today. When you do, you’ll be touching much more than their hand; you’ll be touching their heart. Your touch could make a world of difference to someone today.

3 Responses to “The Power Of Touch”

  1. chadwick Goenke Says:

    I agree very much with that. laying hands is very powerfull not to mention just a friendly touch . God is telling me to line up with his word and he is bringing this to my mind. With God all things are posible. not some or a few or if you are lucky but all.


  2. Sarah Says:

    Laying hands is especially impactful in corporate prayers. We did a “concert of prayer” at my church on Sunday morning awhile ago and when there are that many people praying together and only a small fraction of them come around you and you can feel their hands and their presence and hear all their voices murmuring in unison it really speaks to the fact that you’re not alone.


  3. Ron Krumpos Says:

    Human touch, when conveyed with affection and understanding, can be very powerful for the recipient when the intention of the giver in genuine outreaching.

    Too many people today give big social “hugs,” glad-handing slaps on the back, or other forms on insincere gestures which seem meant more for their own aggrandizement rather then real interest in the other person. Intention is important.


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