Samaritans & Haitians & Pat Robertson

How in the world am I going to link these three thoughts? I think I can do it, but first, a little historical background…

Have you ever noticed in the Bible how much the Jews disliked the Samaritans? In fact, it was said that if a Jew had to even say the word Samaritan he would immediately spit to get that vile word out of his mouth. Where did this come from?

After King Solomon’s death, the nation of Israel was split in two. Judah and Benjamin in the southern half of the country went by the name “Judah” and had their capital in Jerusalem. The northern ten tribes went by the name “Israel” and had Samaria as their capital. The northern kingdom—the Samaritans—became more and more godless, turning to false idol worship.

The Samaritans would make deals and alliances with any surrounding country and their false deities to save their necks from other invaders. In effect, they made a deal with the devil.

Pat Robertson made a foolish comment that the earthquake in Haiti was because the Haitian people had “made a deal with the devil” to kick the French out of their country.

Did the Haitians make such a deal? Did the Samaritans? It’s very likely.

Yet when Jesus was asked to explain what it meant to love one’s neighbor, whom did He use as an example? A Samaritan!

Demonic deal or not, God desperately loves the Haitian people. Jesus died to bring Haitians into a personal relationship with Himself. God grieves over the devastation in that country.

Mr. Robertson, now is not the time for judgmental statements. You are not the one who should be making such statements. Now is the time for compassion. Can you imagine Jesus saying to the woman at the well, “Since you live in a country where your ancestors made a deal with the devil, you’re disqualified. I have living water to give, but you’re not getting any of it because you are under a curse”? I can’t imagine that.

If you’d like to show compassion to these precious people, can I recommend making a donation to a wonderful organization called Convoy of Hope? Please keep praying for the Haitians.

10 Responses to “Samaritans & Haitians & Pat Robertson”

  1. Josh Schram Says:

    I completely agree now more than ever is the time we really need to show compassion on the people (through prayer or through donations either by time or money). judging them for a curse that may or may not be even true is just pushing people away.


  2. Luke Says:

    I don’t think that Pat was being judgemental as he was trying to share a bit of history, and draw a connection between Haiti immoral/ungodly behavior and poverty, pain, and destruction.

    Whats weird is that he acts like The Dominican Republic is purely innocent sweet angel and so it’s prospers.

    I agree that it’s weird that he drew such a strong connection between them “making a deal with the Devil” and their bad circumstances.


    • Dale Says:

      Pat did not refer to the Dominican Republic as an innocent sweet angel. He was simply making a comparison between the two countries both on the same island in order to show what a serious thing it is to make a pact with Satan. He also pointed out how God can by His mercy use a catastrophe of this proportion to draw people to Himself and rescue them from the bondage of such a curse. Pat said that is his prayer.


      • Craig T. Owens Says:


        I wasn’t commenting on the whole of his statement, but his comment about “deal with the devil.” I’m still not sure (a) why that even needed to be said; and, (b) how Pat Robertson knows that this earthquake was God’s judgment? Did God tell him?


  3. Dale Says:

    I don’t think Pat was judging. I think he was inferring that perhaps the pact with the devil was the reason for what has happened.
    No I don’t think God told him. I think he was making a speculation based on fact. Which I agree probably didn’t need to be brought up at this time. God only knows for sure.


  4. Craig T. Owens Says:

    To give another perspective on this topic:

    I like the comments from Don Miller on his blog.

    I also think Rick Warren’s Twitter updates are worth noting:
    –“Some prophets are nothing but windbags.The Lord hasn’t spoken through them, so let what they say happen to them” Jer.5:13 GW
    –Judging other’s pain is arrogance: “It’s easy to condemn those who are suffering, when you have no troubles” Job 12:5 CEV
    –Labeling any natural disaster as God’s judgment is nonsense. True “judgment begins with God’s family” 1Peter4:17, not others


  5. Bob Moody Says:

    The problem I see with even making the assumption that the earthquake is judgement from God is that we must then assume that all earthquakes are judgment from God and that no earthquakes occur because of any other reason. Therefore in that thread of logic all who suffer from earthquakes have done something really wrong to tick God off. I’m not picking on Pat Robertson but I’ve heard similar statements over the past thirty years. I think for whatever reason that there’s a bit of misguided thinking there. However, in his defense the 700 Club ministry has also done much good in helping through disaster relief, etc. Perhaps it would be good for all of us to “talk less, listen more and love always” as my friend E.B. Bull says.


  6. Tom Amrozowicz Says:

    Matthew 5:45 (New International Version)
    …………. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.


  7. Luke Martin Says:

    True… Compassion in Jesus’ name is the answer not Condemnation. I see where you’re coming from Craig. Good blog.

    Jews in the time of Jesus rejected Jesus as the Messiah (partly) because they saw him suffering and being crucified. They assumed that it was a punishment for His sin, so therefore he could not be the choosen one (Messiah).

    Surely Job can illustrate wonderfully that pain, and strife DO NOT mean JUDGEMENT. Job was cursed but not because of his wickedness. We know he was being tested by God.

    So is God testing Haiti? Or is God testing us? What is God doing to Haiti? What is God allowing to happen to Haiti? What does God think at a time of devastation like this for Haiti?

    The will of God is clear: He loves everyone; and wants them to be saved.

    The way God accomplishes His will is, well, “God works in mysterious ways”


  8. Dale Says:

    We are living in the last days. Jesus said there will be earthquakes in various places. It could happen anywhere at any time. There is no doubt it has been happening. Pat was inferring to the poverty as perhaps a result of the deal with the devil. Not necessarily the quake. This is not the time for us as Christians to be bickering over what we consider a brother’s error. Why not just disagree and be done with it. James 4:11
    Speak not evil one of another, brethren. He that speaketh evil of his brother, and judgeth his brother, speaketh evil of the law, and judgeth the law: but if thou judge the law, thou art not a doer of the law, but a judge.


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