Do You ♥ Your Church?


Several years ago New York City started an advertising campaign to attract tourists to their city: I NY. It worked. More people began to visit the Big Apple than ever before.

But the advertising campaign did something else too. It created a logo sensation that many began to imitate. All over the world we started to see the “I ” logo attached to just about anything: certain dog breeds, small-town USA, international cities, mom & pop and 5-star restaurants, schools, and even sports teams.

One “I ” logo I don’t recall ever seeing is “I My Church.” Why is that?

Do you your church? How about helping me out with some research: In the comments, please tell me what you about your church…

  • what attracted you in the first place?
  • what kept you coming back?
  • what makes you excited to invite others to your church?
  • what makes you proud to say, “That’s my church”?

I’d to hear from you about this!

5 Responses to “Do You ♥ Your Church?”

  1. Jennifer Schumacher Says:

    I love my church because it feels like family. I lived in the u.p. for a few years and I loved my church up there too for the same reason that’s why I was looking for a church with the same qualities. Everyone really cares about each other and most importantly they really love God. Also an aweome worship team.


  2. Faye Says:

    I love the safety of real friendships. People who are “safe” to be real with, who will help me draw closer to Jesus and will tell me the truth.


  3. Stephanie Vazquez Says:

    I love my church quite simply because they love me! You can get good teaching anywhere, good worship at a lot of places, meeting God anywhere/anytime, but I feel my relationships at my church make me feel loved and it feels good to know ‘someone has my back’ and would really care if something happened to me or my family.


    • Denise Says:

      Were do you go to church? They “really” (meaning real not fake) care if something happened to me or my family would feel good.


      • Craig T. Owens Says:


        Stephanie is at the wonderful Calvary Assembly of God with me. Don’t you wish you could move to West Michigan? Hey, now that I think about it, that’s a great idea… why don’t you come join us 🙂



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