What Do You Remember about 9/11?

Patriots' DaySeptember 11, 2001, was a momentous, historical day. What do you remember about it?

You could choose to remember the acts of cowards—men who didn’t care whether they killed innocent people.


You could choose remember the acts of heroes—men and women who rushed into harm’s way to save lives … men and women who volunteered to serve in the US armed forces, police, and fire departments …. men and women who lined up to donate blood to help the wounded … men and women who spent countless hours sifting through rubble to find any who might have survived … men and women who gladly made personal sacrifices for the safety of fellow citizens … men and women who define the word PATRIOT.

September 11 is rightly called Patriots’ Day. It’s a day to remember heroes, not cowards.

Remember And Respond

Today is Pearl Harbor Day. For my parents’ and grandparents’ generations, this was their “9/11.” I’m still saddened when I think of the unprovoked, cowardly attacks on both December 7 and September 11. But I am grateful that we have only had two such attacks within our borders.

Today is a great day to remember, to mourn, and to thank our military personnel who responded so courageously in the aftermath. These, I believe, are appropriate responses.

But every day is our day to respond appropriately.

Let’s show our gratitude for the safety we have in this country every day.

Let’s find ways to live out our thankfulness every day.

Let’s show our thanks to our servicemen and women and our law enforcement officers every day.

Remember … and then respond appropriately every day. God bless America!

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