Work From Rest

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When I was on the Thriving In Ministry podcast, Kyle Willis shared about a time he was at a church leadership seminar with Carey Niewhof. In an anonymous survey among the participants, more than 90 percent of these pastors and church leaders reported feelings of burnout. 

Let that sink in: 9-out-of-10 church leaders at a leadership conference were experiencing burnout. 

If church leaders are tired, they are ineffective. If church leaders are ineffective, their churches will lack vitality to remain on-mission. 

Clearly, something needs to change. 

Check out this clip from our conversation where I advocate some changes that church leaders need to make. Here are two of the biggest changes:

  1. Leaders need to learn how to work from a place of rest 
  2. Leaders need to learn how to practice self-care more consistently

In my book Shepherd Leadership, I have a section of five chapters where I talk about the example that Jesus set for us to be mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally healthy. I encourage you to check out this book for yourself. 

If I can be of help to you, I’d love to talk with you more. Please get in touch with me! 

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