When Non-biblical Becomes Unbiblical

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I have written before about the difference between terms that are biblical, unbiblical, and non-biblical. It is very important for us to keep these terms straight, especially so for those in leadership positions. 

The problem becomes very challenging when non-biblical issues are given biblical status, and as a result, people begin to respond in a decidedly unbiblical way. 

In a recent talk that I gave to some ministry interns, I unpacked this idea in more depth. 

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One Response to “When Non-biblical Becomes Unbiblical”

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    […] I’ve already shared some thoughts for leaders to make sure the issues they are addressing are biblical issues, not getting caught up in non-biblical controversies that can result in some very unbiblical attitudes! But when a leader is promoting a biblical change, there is a right way to handle it.  […]


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