Book Release Day!

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My book Shepherd Leadership: The Metrics That Really Matter releases TODAY!! I can hardly believe it. 

My dear friend Greg Heeres gave me a gift that helps put this whole project in perspective. 

Here’s the Amazon link to order your copy in either print, ebook, or audiobook.

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3 Responses to “Book Release Day!”

  1. danessexchastain Says:

    Great book! Absolutely fun to read! A check yourself and your compass read!!!
    As a rookie in the ministry field this book keeps you zeroed in on what God’s mission is. After 23 years of Army service, and 17 of those years in a leadership role, I can tell you that this book would have helped me be a better leader back then. It is geared to help the Ministry Leadership; however, after reading it, I believe will help everyone. If you’re a Pastor or in a Ministry Leadership position, this book is a compass for you. Those that say I don’t need another leadership book, are probably the exact ones this book is referring to. If you’re a Pastor and feel your congregation needs something more, start with yourself and read this book! If change is needed, this book will guide you directly by God’s biblical examples.

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  2. Dick Brogden Says:

    Leadership has become an idol, both for ministers and missionaries. I love this book because it takes me back to what I was called to do—serve. When Jesus called me to be a missionary and minister, it was not to lead, sit on committees, attend conferences, travel, be admired, or be praised—much less to praise myself or my work. Jesus called me to lose my life in following Him by feeding and tending His sheep, by leaving the fold (and the fame and fortune) to find that one lost sheep. I am so thankful to Craig for cutting through all the delusion and confusion of what ministry and leadership has become and taking us back to the simple reality of laying down our lives for others. Crucified shepherds are neither popular nor common, but they do look and live like Jesus.

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  3. Philip P. Pfaltzgraff Says:

    My wife and I have had the privilege of working closely with Pastor Craig in a number of settings, even maintaining close contact as our ministries have gone in opposite directions across the US. And a number of things about him and his work are obvious in the reading and study of his new book “Shepherd Leadership: The Metrics That Really Matter.”

    *Pastor Craig cares deeply for the people in his congregation;
    *Pastor Craig is concerned that those who attend his church are committed to the Bible;
    *Pastor Craig wants all believers to know how to use the Bible as a handbook to help with every situation in their lives;
    *Pastor Craig believes that regular and honest encounters with the Lord occur as believers and church leaders are equipped “for every good work.”

    This book is destined to be a wonderful addition to any Pastor’s library (aka: “toolbox”). It will assist the Pastor in leading a congregation. It will help in developing strong and consistent discipleship in the congregants, and it will point the Pastor to tools of scriptural and personal discipline which will help avert loss, confusion, and catastrophe in his personal life and in the church he shepherds.

    Rev. Philip and Sherry Pfaltzgraff

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