Saturday In The Psalms—Why?

Why? (four times in five verses of Psalm 43).

We seem to ask this question a lot! Just listened to a small child trying to learn about his world, “Why … why … why…?” And in this psalm, we find a grown man still asking, “Why … why … why…?

“God, You are my strength, so why does it seem like You’re ignoring me? why are my enemies seeming to prevail?”

The psalmist then asks for enough light to find his way to the place of worship—here is where he finds reassurance of God’s majesty; here is where he is filled with joy.

Now his why? is directed to himself—not to God. He asks his soul, “What reason do you have to be downcast? God is on His throne—hope is still burning brightly—His help is coming. Now is the time to worship His majesty!”

My whys? need to be pointed the right direction: “My soul, why are you downcast when you have access to such a loving and powerful Father?”

Go ahead and ask your whys? Your loving Heavenly Father wants to hear from you!

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