Think On These Things (book review)

think-on-these-thingsWhat we think about all day long determines not only the kind of day we are going to have, but the kind of life we are going to live, as well as the legacy that we will leave behind. It would make sense, then, to make sure to think the right thoughts. A great book to help you develop right thinking patterns is Think On These Things by John Maxwell.

I have read numerous John Maxwell books, but only recently have I read his very first book. Unlike many of his later books, Think On These Things doesn’t have as many quotes from other authors and notable characters of history. In this book we get John Maxwell’s original thoughts. And they’re very good!

The chapters are shorter and easy to digest, but they are packed with easy-to-apply principles to help you change your thought patterns. Having read Dr. Maxwell’s books which were published in subsequent years, it’s easy to see that he’s been practicing what he’s been preaching!

If you feel your personal growth has been in a rut, or if you’re ready to launch out into bigger things, the thought-seeds in this book may be just the thing the doctor ordered!

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