Proverbs (book review)

ProverbsWhat’s the difference between a travel agent and a tour guide? A travel agents simply points the way, a tour guide goes on the trip alongside you, pointing out things they’ve seen and experienced firsthand. I love reading the book of Proverbs in the Bible, but this time I read it with Charles Bridges’ book Proverbs as my tour guide.

Charles Bridges was a pastor par excellence who skillfully wove together supporting Scriptures to give a fuller picture of the particular text on which he was teaching. As a result, you are able to see more clearly how individual lines in each of the Proverbs was supported and integrated into other Scriptures, and how it was immediately applicable to daily life.

My only disappointment with this book is that Bridges only offers commentaries on 22 of the Proverbs. But what he does show is brilliant, and it gave me a new light for my own tour of the remaining Proverbs.

Check this book out the next time you would like to read the rich wisdom in the biblical Proverbs.

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