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Some great reading I found today.

Dr. James Dobson won a big lawsuit against ObamaCare. Read more here.

“People are always saying it’s the other person’s fault, the other one who needs to change. That is why I believe no amount of counseling will have an impact until God’s people resolve something. We all have to make this our sincere, daily prayer: ‘O God, change me.’ We spend far too much time praying, ‘God, change my circumstances; change my coworkers; change my family situation; change the conditions in my life.’ Yet we seldom pray this most important prayer: ‘Change me, Lord. The real trouble isn’t my spouse, my sibling, my friend. I’m the one who stands in need of prayer.’” —David Wilkerson

[VIDEO] Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood on film saying women should stop having babies.

[INFOGRAPHIC] How creative people in history used their time.


3 Responses to “Links & Quotes”

  1. I Give God all the Glory Says:

    I really like these posts – keep them coming! God Bless!


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