10 People Every Christian Should Know (book review)

10 People Every Christian Should Know10 People Every Christian Should Know is a quick survey of notable Christian movers and shakers from the 1600s through the 1960s. Warren Wiersbe gives us a quick overview of their lives, attempting to whet our appetites to learn more about them.

By no means are these in-depth biographies, but rather short biographical sketches of their lives. Rev. Wiersbe quotes from other biographies and works written by the person being studied to give us insight into why they belong on this “Top 10” list. Each chapter contains Rev. Wiersbe’s recommendations about which books to read by or about that person to go deeper in your study of their life and beliefs.

I don’t have any arguments with the list of distinguished people who made this list, and I found the book recommendations in each chapter helpful, as well as the extensive list of reference books and biographies at the end of the book. The only thing I found slightly off-putting was Rev. Wiersbe’s commentaries into why the spiritual experiences of some of the subjects weren’t what they were portrayed to be. It would have been far better for him to simply say, “Here’s what happened, and here’s where you can read more.” Other than that, I would recommend this book as a great starting point for anyone who loves studying history as much as I do.

By the way, the Top 10 people covered in this book are:

  • Matthew Henry—Bible commentator
  • Jonathan Edwards—pastor
  • John Henry Cardinal Newman—pastor
  • J.B. Lightfoot—Bible translator
  • J. Hudson Taylor—missionary
  • Charles H. Spurgeon—pastor
  • Dwight L. Moody—pastor
  • Amy Carmichael—missionary
  • Oswald Chambers—professor
  • A.W. Tozer—pastor
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