The Bare Facts (book review)

The Bare FactsBoth parents and teens should arm themselves with the facts, biblical information, scientific research and solid common sense in Josh McDowell’s book The Bare Facts: 39 Questions Your Parents Hope You Never Ask About Sex.

Let me state it simply: parents, teens, and youth pastors all need to get this book. 

Parents—Don’t wait for someone else to talk to your kids about sex and the strong urges their hormones are generating; take the lead and talk to your kids. This book is written in a question-and-answer format, so it would be an easy conversation starter to ask one of the questions Josh McDowell covers.

Teens—The information you are getting about sex, love, sexually-transmitted disease, and how-far-is-too-far from your peers is most likely wrong. Josh gives you the facts, and you need to arm yourself with truth.

Youth Pastors—You should be teaching this stuff! Will it feel awkward? Maybe. But I bet it’s a lot less awkward to talk to your students about purity than it is to counsel a brokenhearted teen who has become pregnant or contracted a sexually-transmitted disease. The discussion questions at the end of Bare Facts will help you in your 1-on-1 or small group discussion times with the students in your youth group.

What would be even better: Parent and teens and youth pastors reading The Bare Facts together. Get the information on the table and start talking about the truth.

I am a Moody Publishers book reviewer.

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