Word Of The Lord

BibleTwice in one chapter of the life of Abraham this phrase appears: The word of the Lord came to him (Genesis 15:1, 4). As awe-inspiring as it is to think about God speaking, what’s even more astounding to me is Abraham’s response.


God spoke. Abraham obeyed.

His first obedience was believing. So the Bible tells us, “Abraham believed God, and He credited to him as righteousness” (verse 6). By definition, righteousness means “right doing.” But doing comes directly out of believing, so Abraham had to first believe that what God said was the real deal.

God spoke. Abraham believed. God said, “You are righteous.” Then Abraham followed through on the word of God which he believed.

Why can’t it be the same with me? Or with you?

God speaks, I believe, God sees me as righteous, I act. It should be just that simple—there’s absolutely no need for me to add, subtract, modify, clarify, or delay.

The word of the Lord should be all I need.

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