40 Days Of Prayer For The USA

There has always been something special in the Bible about:

  • 40 days of prayer
  • The hunger of God’s people for Him to move
  • God’s miraculous, powerful response

Elections in the United States are always a pivotal time. The Bible makes it clear that God sets people in positions of authority in our governments, but His Word also makes it clear that it is the responsibility of Christians to pray for their leaders.

The presidential election takes place on November 6, 2012. That means that September 28 marks the 40-day point. Will you please join me in prayer beginning September 28 and continuing for the next 40 days?

We need to humble ourselves to ask for God’s help (we can’t make productive change happen on our own) and to ask God to give His wisdom to those who will be elected on that day (they can’t make productive change happen on their own).

You can find some prayer resources from Max Lucado by clicking here.

God answers the prayer of humble, hungry people. Let’s be that praying people!

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