Could You Be A Missionary?

When I say missionary, what images come to your mind?

  • …a remote wilderness?
  • …a third-world country?
  • …asking churches and friends to support you financially?
  • …packing up to leave your home for years at a time?
  • …learning a new language?

Yes, many of our missionaries do all of these things. But if this is your only concept of missions, you’ve missed something important.

When Jesus told His followers that they would go out as witnesses (missionaries) for Him, He began with—

…you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem… (Acts 1:8)

The first place He sent them was to Jerusalem.

  • This was a missions opportunity right in their neighborhood.
  • They already knew the culture.
  • They already knew the language.
  • They didn’t have to pack up and leave their family behind.

Missions is not always far away. Sometimes it’s in your own neighborhood!

In Cedar Springs, I love the partnerships that the Cedar Springs Ministerial Association has helped foster, and the opportunities for local missions work that have been presented. One of our ongoing projects is providing weekend food for students who may be struggling to have enough over the weekend. It is a program called Hand2Hand. We are always looking for volunteers (missionaries!) who can work, collect food, or donate funds to help.

2 Responses to “Could You Be A Missionary?”

  1. Sonya Ritter Says:

    My husband Scott and I are missionaries here in the community where we live. I work at the public library and he works on the campus of Bucknell University. We serve the surrounding area with Family Life resources such as The Art of Marriage, Life Ready Woman and Raising a Modern Day Night just to name a few. It is easy to be a missionary if :
    1. You follow Christ 2. You answer the call 3. You have a servants heart


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