Three Amazing Years

This week marks my three-year anniversary of pastoring one of the most amazing churches I have had the privilege of being a part of!

I grew up in some powerful churches, served in others, and have experienced many other churches. And I wouldn’t trade any of them for Calvary Assembly of God. I’m grateful for what I learned and what I experienced at the churches that I have attended in my lifetime. Those prepared me. But Calvary is showing me what a real church looks like.

To my Calvary family:

I so appreciate the love and acceptance everyone in our congregation has for all. Whether it’s a first-time visitor or a lifelong member, all are loved (and hugged) the same.

I love your willingness to reach out to our community. You are always looking for tangible ways to show the love of Jesus to those in and around Cedar Springs.

But most of all I love the hunger for more of God’s presence. Each and every time we gather together, God does amazing things in people’s lives, and yet no one is content to “bottle it up.” Instead you are always seeking an increasingly intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, and you allow the Holy Spirit to move freely in our midst.

More and more I say…

I My Church!

2 Responses to “Three Amazing Years”

  1. Duane Harriman Says:

    Calvary is indeed a very loving and reaching church. The people are outgoing, the music is inspiring, and the Holy Spirit surely is moving. Jesus is always the central focus of the services. All those things can only happen if the leader is following Jesus. Calvary is very fortunate to have a pastor of your caliber. Congratulations on your anniversary! Duane


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