Are You An Encourager?

Check out these words of the Apostle Paul—

When we arrived in Macedonia, there was no rest for us. We faced conflict from every direction, with battles on the outside and fear on the inside. But God, who encourages those who are discouraged, encouraged us by the arrival of Titus. (2 Corinthians 7:5-6)

Paul wasn’t doing so well! No rest … conflicts every direction he turned … battles … fear … discouragement …

But did you see how God encouraged Paul?

By the arrival of Titus

God encouraged Paul through Titus. Not through an angel, or a sign in the heavens, or anything dramatic. But through a friend showing up.

God wants to encourage you through others…

are you allowing those encouraging friends into your life?

God wants to encourage others through you…

are you allowing Him to use you to do that?

People are almost always the means of God’s ministry to the world. May you and I always be ready, available, and obedient.

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