He’s Here To Keep

Going through my youngest son’s writing journal for his classroom, I came across this gem that he wrote:

My Dad’s out of town
I feel alone
I’m feeling really down
He can’t reach the phone
All of a sudden the phone rings
And my heart sings
I pick up the phone
He said, “Only one more day”
And in his voice was a great tone
He said what I wanted him to say
One more time of sleep
And then he’s here to keep

Dads, listen to me: Your kids want you.

For your kids you spell “love” T-I-M-E.

Give them all the time you can. They want you for keeps.

4 Responses to “He’s Here To Keep”

  1. planejaner Says:

    So true. Just time…I think both sets of parents can get so focused on the “what should we do” of spending time with our kids that we forget the “just do” of it…if that makes sense.
    thanks for sharing that today


  2. Suzanne Simpson Says:

    So true! That poem demonstrates a beautiful relationship between father and son. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Faye Says:

    That poem was a 4th grade beauty.


  4. Brett Says:

    I was going to change clothes after work yesterday. My 3 yr old son (whom I prefer to not distract me while I change), said, “Dad, I just want to be with you and watch baseball” (baseball=ESPN Sportscenter, my typical changing clothes fare).

    It kind of cut like a knife: He just wanted to be around. So convicting. What a joy to have kids in the first place, and what more that they love to just be close.


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