Is ‘Mine’ Loose Enough?

Most people who have read the life of Jesus know about His triumphal arrival in Jerusalem, where the people waved palm branches and shouted, “Hosanna!” But there’s a little backstory tucked in this major event.

Jesus needed to ride a donkey into Jerusalem. So He sent two of His disciples into town, and told them where to find the donkey He would ride. He said, “If anyone asks you why you are taking this animal, just tell them, ‘The Lord needs it.’”

The disciples went, and found the donkey just like Jesus said. And, sure enough, the people there asked what they were doing. This story is recorded in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. After the disciples said, “The Lord needs it,” here is everything the donkey’s owners said: .

That is: they said nothing. Not a single word.

That got me thinking:

  • Could I do that?
  • If Jesus needs something of mine, do I ask for clarification?
  • Do I bargain when He asks me to give something of mine up for His use?
  • Am I holding on too tightly to mine?

What about you? Is your mine loose enough?

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