Smile Power

I noticed something last night at our Light The Night event: lots of people were smiling, and laughing, and enjoying themselves.

And I thought to myself, “Why don’t we do this more often?”

To think that just a blow-up inflatable, some fun carnival games, and candy could make people light up. Well, it was more than that. It was our amazing Calvary Assembly of God folks. They were the ones smiling first, and that brought out the smiles in everyone who came by.

This is why I say it all the time: I My Church!

Thanks Lindsay, Scott, Harrison, and Jeff for keeping everyone safe on the slide. And for your kind words and smiles that made everyone feel so welcome.

Thanks Jeff, Damian, Brandon, Sarah, and Crystal for making such simple carnival games so much fun. And thanks for your words of encouragement and smiles to everyone who came by to play.

Thanks Mindi, Kayla, and Betsy for passing out the candy, answering questions, and smiling at all our guests. You made them feel so welcomed.

Do you want to influence people? Here’s a simple suggestion: Smile more often!

And I have to pass along some other thanks as well:

  • Del — you take amazing pictures!
  • Inflatable Frenzy — you are so easy to work with.
  • — you made us look good for a great price.

(I highly endorse these businesses. They are people of integrity and are very flexible and reasonably priced.)

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