Reach Out

Lepers were the most shunned of all Israelites in the Bible. It didn’t matter how much you used to love them, once they were diagnosed with leprosy, they were the untouchable. The unapproachable. The unlovable.

So here is an absolutely remarkable verse: Jesus reached out His hand and TOUCHED the leper.

There is such a power in the human touch! This unclean, despised, outcast, friendless leper simply asked Jesus to heal him. But Jesus went farther.

Jesus replied, “I am willing,” and then He touched him.

The Greek word for reached out implies that the leper remained a good distance away. Even though he longed for the restoration that the touch of Jesus could bring him, he kept a barrier between them. Jesus transcended his barrier.

Then the Greek word for touched is an intense word. It means to cling to someone. Jesus didn’t just lightly touch this hurting man, He threw His arms around him and CLUNG to him!!

He didn’t just heal this man physically, but restored him emotionally as well.

Who are the outcasts around you?

Who seems to be unlovable, untouchable, or even unapproachable?

Friend, you just might be the touch of Jesus for them that brings healing, wholeness, and restoration. Will you let Jesus CLING to them—and heal themthrough you? Will you reach out like Jesus reached out?

Oh to be His hand extended
Reaching out to the oppressed
Let me touch Him
Let me touch Jesus
So that others may know
And be blessed

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