The Danger Of Nothing

I know they’re out there, but I personally have never met someone who said, “I once followed God, but I have now decided to stop following Him. I’m doing my own thing now, and God has nothing to do with me.”

No, it’s usually a gradual drift away from God, not a deliberate decision. But the sad part of this is: most of these people still think they are following Him.

How does this happen? The prophet Zephaniah has an interesting take. He said that people drifted away because they did nothing. Check this out:

  • They do not seek the Lord
  • They do not inquire of Him
  • They are complacent 
  • They sit still in their sin
  • They think God isn’t doing anything

The remedy: action!

  • Seek the Lord
  • Do what He commands
  • Seek righteousness
  • Seek humility

Doing nothing is dangerous. You may drift away from God and not even realize it.

Get busy … stay active … stay close to Him!

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