Get Moving

I noticed the other day how Peter, Andrew, James, John, and Matthew responded when Jesus called them to follow Him. With all of these guys, Jesus simply said, “Follow Me.” Here’s how they responded:

  • At once
  • Immediately
  • Got up and followed

They were all busy with their own lives, working on their agendas for their day. But when they heard Jesus say, “Follow Me,” they got moving.

They didn’t delay.

Make other plans.

Ask someone to take over for them.

They simply got up, left what they were doing, and followed Jesus.

They didn’t explain to their family.

Check in with their friends.

Ask Jesus for clarification.

They just followed. At once. Immediately.

Do I follow Jesus like this?

Do I get moving at once when He calls me?

Do I start immediately when He directs me?

Do I follow without explanation when He prompts me?

I’m working on it! 

How about you?

Tell me what you think about this...

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