Average Joe (book review)

There’s nothing wrong with being an average Joe. And there’s certainly nothing “average” about Troy Meeder’s book entitled Average Joe!

For some time I’ve been concerned about the “feminization” of men. Particularly I’m concerned with how Christian men have bought into culture’s wrongheaded idea of what it means to be a real man. Should a real man be gentle? Yes! But “gentle” is not a code word for a passive sissy. Real men understand their God-given role to be the provider and protector for their family, which at times means they have to toughen up.

Being an average Joe for some guys has become a license to simply let life happen to them. Just take things as they come. Don’t get too worked up about anything. Don’t stand up too strongly for anything. Don’t make waves. As a result, average Joes then become another face in the crowd.

But not according to Troy Meeder. Real men stand up for what’s right. They don’t wait for life to come to them, they go and make life happen. They make good things happen, and they keep bad things from happening to those they love. A real average Joe looks a lot like Jesus Christ.

Average Joe is a collection of observations – almost individual essays – about what Troy sees as being a Jesus-honoring, family-loving, honest-to-goodness real man. I was challenged to look in the mirror with each chapter I completed.

This is a wonderful book for any REAL man to read. But the study guides in the book would also work very well as conversation starters for a men’s ministry, or even for small groups of men who are holding each other accountable.

I am a Multnomah book reviewer.

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