All I Want Is All I Need

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I often have a discussion with my kids (okay, sometimes I have this discussion with myself too!) about the difference between wants and needs.

Needs are requirements for life. I need oxygen, food, water, shelter.

Wants are my desires for life. I want a new computer, a faster car, a closer Starbucks.

But as I mature in my relationship with Christ, shouldn’t my need for Him and my want of Him become more and more similar? Shouldn’t the deepest longing (want) in my heart be for the one thing I need most?

Nicholas of Cusa wrote:

Who would think of paying a man to do what he was yearning to do already? For instance, no one would hire a hungry man to eat, or a thirsty man to drink, or a mother to nurse her own child. Who would think of bribing a farmer to dress his own vineyard, or to dig about his orchard, or to rebuild his house? So, all the more, one who truly loves God asks no other recompense than God Himself.

When my want for God’s closeness and my need for His closeness become one, this is a simple song with a profound meaning:

All I want is more of You

All I want is more of You

Nothing I desire, Lord, but more of You

I pray my wants and needs will more closely align as I fall in love with my Savior again and again and again and again!

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One Response to “All I Want Is All I Need”

  1. Shoshanna Says:

    Is it possible to take this thought a step further? If God has created you to be a mother or a farmer or mill worker or a fast food worker or computer programmer or whatever, isn’t it a part of your service to Him to be desiring to be the best person, the best craftsperson, He has created you to be? Unless you are dying, there should be a synchroncity between loving God and serving in the areas He has gifted you in. Too often, I feel Christians are being taught only “spiritual” things are true worship of God. But “true worship” and “spiritual” things flesh out in the acts of everyday life. If you need a good hammer or other tool to fulfil your calling, it seems many people believe that desire is in conflict with the sentiment “All I want is more of You, Nothing I desire, Lord, but more of You.” To me, times with the Lord of an intimate nature are comparable to sex with a spouse in a marriage relationship: sex is a wonderful private time, but it doesn’t — and can’t — last every minute of every day all the time. At some point, somebody has to get up, get dressed and go cook dinner, no matter how much they “desire” their spouse. Cooking dinner is just as much a part of the “all I want is more of You” as the sex part is in marriage.


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