Never Surrender (book review)

In my estimation Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin is a true American hero, and Never Surrender is a great motto for us all to adopt.

Never Surrender is an autobiographical account of how General Boykin served our country in some of the deadliest and harshest places on the planet. But woven throughout his life story is this unmistakable message: Know what you believe in, and never surrender to the adversaries who try to get you to back down.

General Boykin has had such a movie-like military career: getting selected to be in the first Delta Force unit ever created, hunting down terrorists and drug lords, rescuing hostages, and even battling the bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., and the talking heads of the mainstream media. It’s sad to read that a patriot as committed to the protection of America and democracy-loving people around the world would come under such much fire from fellow Americans because he was so vocal about his faith in Christ. It’s almost appalling to realize that this patriot’s most vocal critics were right here in the USA!

Despite the smear campaigns and half-truths, despite the garbage the media spewed out about Gen. Boykin, he never backed down and he never surrendered. In the end, he was completely exonerated. Oh yeah, along the way, Gen. Boykin and his Delta Force operatives kept us a whole lot safer. And for that we’re all indebted to this proud soldier.

This book reads like a military novel—it’s a real page-turner! I highly recommend it.

I am a Faith Words book reviewer.

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