Sun Stand Still (book review)

Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick is an amazing book!

The title and content of this book is based on an audacious, faith-filled prayer that Joshua offered in the Bible, where God actually allowed the sun to stand still so the Israelites could complete their battle before it got dark. What an amazing prayer: “God, please let the sun stand still”!

Steven leads us through the steps of getting a clear vision of what God wants to accomplish, and then activating that vision through audacious faith. He talks about the hindrances most of us will face in praying a Sun Stand Still prayer, about hanging on to faith during the waiting process, and even how to think about the times the sun goes down.

Through reading this book, I was so convicted that far too many of my prayers are puny, safe prayers; certainly not like the audacious Sun Stand Still prayer that Joshua prayed. But I was also encouraged and energized to begin to change the way I pray.

This book is easy to read and process, but it’s going to be a challenge for me to change my paradigms about praying sun-stand-still prayers.

For anyone who wants to see God do supernatural things in response to audaciously faith-filled prayers, I highly recommend this book as a valuable guide.

I am a Multnomah book reviewer.

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