Rookie Of The Year

I am a proud member of the Cedar Springs Ministerial Association, so I faithfully attend all of the monthly meetings and stay up-to-date on our Facebook group page. So imagine my surprise when I found out about the Annual C.S.M.A. Awards.

I didn’t know we had any awards … I didn’t know I was nominated … and I certainly didn’t know I had won!

Here’s how the announcement read:

Rookie of The Year

Nominees: Kristi Rhodes, Ryan Black, Craig Owens

Winner: Craig Owens

Recap: Despite the joy and hope that both Ryan and Kristi have brought to the community and how their churches are now moving with excitement, it was Craig Owens who ultimately walked home with the hardware. Craig dazzled the C.S.M.A. with his witty humor, provided us all with sermon material through his daring and insightful blog, and regularly posted hip Facebook statuses such as “Off to church… about to get my Praise On!” and “Donuts for breakfast!”

Then I noticed something else at the bottom of the announcement that I also didn’t know: apparently I was also a member of the awards committee.

Hmmm, it appears that all of the award winners were also members of the awards committee…

…it appears this is all a big joke!

Oh, well. Now, do you see why I so enjoy being a part of the C.S.M.A.?

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