Even being “Boring” can make the message memorable!

God is Creator, which means His creativity knows no limits. One of the ways I love seeing His creativity on display is in the ways His love story is communicated to humanity. The prophets used some highly creative and sometimes startling ways to get God’s message across. But I especially like how Jesus communicated the message of the Kingdom of God to His audience.

He used…

  • Seeds and sheep
  • Farmers and friends who needed a late-night snack
  • Lost coins and lost sons
  • Grapes and goats
  • Pearls and prodigals
  • Stuffy judges and smart bride’s maids
  • Bridegrooms and buildings
  • Banquets and bread
  • Servants and silver coins

He told people who had gotten locked into an inaccurate interpretation of Scripture, “You have heard it said…but I tell you” just to get their attention.

These simple, everyday, common items reminded people of the eternal message. The objects didn’t become the message, but just a way to remind and reinforce the biblical truth Jesus was sharing.

That’s why I use poker chips … Lego pieces … plastic eggs … bookmarkers … flip-flop key chains … aluminum tabs from pop cans … glow sticks … and even name tags to creatively tell the Creator’s love story in a memorable way.

How are you using God’s creativity to tell His story?

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