God Moments

Last week I was at the B2B (Business-to-Business) meeting in Cedar Springs. We were talking about events that bring people into the downtown area, like the Spook-tacular, at which we did our Light The Night carnival. The next item on the agenda was the upcoming Mingle With Kris Kringle event.

Out of the blue I was asked, “Hey, do you think you could setup a nativity scene?”

I wanted to say yes, but I was mulling over my response for a second. Someone else offered, “Yeah, just grab a couple of sheep and you’re good to go!”

<POW!> The proverbial light bulb went off, and I immediately said, “Yes! We’d be happy to do that!”

Right away I began texting a bunch of people in our church:

  • Can you sew some Middle Eastern first century costumes?
  • Can you build a manger?
  • Do you know where we can find some live animals?
  • How would you feel about playing an angel?
  • Have you ever considered playing the role of Joseph?

In a matter of just a few moments I got back a whole lot of Yeses. We’re under the gun to get everything done (we have to present this on December 3), but we’re going to make it happen.

Just imagine if I hadn’t been at that meeting … or if I hadn’t got so many yeses … or if I hadn’t wanted to take the risk … none of this may have happened.

I truly believe my steps are ordered by God. He places me in the right place at the right moment. So those moments are God moments where I get to say a wholehearted “Yes!”

When was your last God moment? How did you respond?

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