Learning To Distinguish

In Moses’ instructions to the priests, he said, “You must distinguish between the holy and common, between the unclean and the clean.”

Why? Because these men were to be leaders. He went on to say, “You must teach the Israelites all the decrees.”

If I’m going to be a leader, I must be able to distinguish.

Here’s where the Holy Spirit is challenging me. I am working on distinguishing between…

Good and Best

Acceptable and Excellent

Common and Holy

Ordinary and Extraordinary

Want and Need

Present and Participant

Quantity and Quality

I am certain that this list is just a start, and that it’s going to be a lifetime pursuit.

2 Responses to “Learning To Distinguish”

  1. chadwick Says:

    Wow thats good. makes me think more on life situations, and to rember what God has promised us in his word.P


    • seeker Says:

      I feel that YHVH is really teaching me about righteousness and walking righteously so i guess that’s common vs holy. But also sacrifice/servitude vs. desire/lust.


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