Fearless (book review)

Max Lucado has always had a unique way of turning a phrase, of capturing a moment in Scripture that makes biblical truths pop off the page. I’ve always appreciated the way he can bring first-century truths into twenty-first-century applications. Fearless is no exception to this.

Fearless is also exceptionally well-timed in its release. Lucado quotes Frank Furedi’s findings that the appearance of the term “at risk” was printed in US newspapers more than 18,000 times in the year 2000. A ninefold increase over the previous six years. A ninefold increase! We are a fear dominated society:

“Fear loves a good stampede. Fear’s payday is blind panic, unfounded disquiet, and sleepless nights. Fear’s been making a good living lately.” —Max Lucado

In his unique style, Lucado unmasks thirteen fears that have been “making a good living.” He unmasks these fears by countering each of them with Christ’s admonishment to us to “Fear not!” This is not a fear-denying book, nor is it a run-for-the-hills-because-the-sky-is-falling book.

Lucado presents a straightforward look into our most besetting fears and shows the fears for what they really are: monsters in the dark. And once these “monsters” are exposed to the light of Jesus Christ, they become toothless, harmless shadows.

A great read for anyone! I also loved the discussion questions at the back of the book. These helped me confront some fears head-on. They would also be an excellent springboard for a Bible study group.

I’m giving this book five unreserved stars! Imagine your life without fear— you can do it—this book will help.

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