Thousands Of Haven’t Miles

I just spent two days away from home. After leaving at 6:00 in the morning and driving for 2+ hours, I sat through two days of intensive training. The following day I was anxious to get back to my family. My trip back home should have been a little over two hours, but I ran into several construction zones which made the trip so much longer. As I turned onto the homestretch I began to get more excited about finally being home.

And all of a sudden the expressway became a parking lot!

Just minutes before I turned onto that expressway, a serious accident took place just ahead of me. It then took me 30 minutes to travel the next mile, as all of the traffic was rerouted off the expressway and onto the side roads.

And then I began to rejoice. I have really been racking up the miles lately, so I began to rejoice that all of my miles have been incident-free miles.

I began to thank God for the accidents I HAVEN’T been in.

I gave praise for the times my car HASN’T broken down.

I rejoiced for all the flat tires I HAVEN’T had.

It’s natural to be thankful after a near-miss, but I want to do a better job of being thankful always—especially for the stuff that HASN’T happened.

What about you? What things HAVEN’T happened that you are thankful for?

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