Land Of Angels

My cousin ministers in Sudan—a country and a people ravaged by war and persecution. But there is hope for hopeless people! For when we pray, hope is boundless! This poem was recently written by my cousin:

Three angels stood before the throne
Two together, one alone
Each in turn petitions brought
Each a favor meekly sought

The first was young, was fair, was bright
With little hands, with gentle light
This angel pled for child and wife
Who bore the brunt of Darfur strife

The second angel, scarred but brave
Represented knight and knave
Who in Darfur did Gospel tell
Who gave out food, who dug up well

The third before the throne stood grim
Yet, O what love there was for him
He cried for rapist, victor, thug
He asked for them Mercy above

All angels knelt, all angels paused
All three had answers kindly caused
All three sped back with burning story
All of Darfur shall fill with glory

Please pray with me for God’s glory and God’s grace to flood Darfur and the devastated people there.

5 Responses to “Land Of Angels”

  1. Richard J Foster Says:

    Hey Craig! This is a first for me… writing, or even reading, a blog. Something tells me that I’ll be reading a lot more! First I want to tell you that you’ve been on my mind a lot lately… I’ve been appreciating our time and our friendship together. I can honestly say that you’ve been instumental on keeping me focused on the Goal for my life.
    I lost my Dad last night at 10:45… I know I’ve shared w/ you before that we were not very close. God has brought men like you into my life because of the plan that He has for me and always knew my Dad was unable for whatever reason to lead me or help in any way to encourage me spiritually. My Dad never went to church or led the family in prayer or even said the words I love you.
    But it was those shortcomings that God has used to strengthen me and make me even more dependent on the truth that God has shown me every day. The friends that God has given me absolutely matter and I thank Him for you and your honest example of that friendship.


    • Craig T. Owens Says:

      Your comments are so precious to me… I’m blessed to have you as a friend! I’ll be praying for you that God helps you through this time of remembering about your Dad. I’m glad that you have used your experiences with him to do something different – something better. Upward and onward!


  2. chilly Says:

    Thanks for posting this. Powerful & challenging on many levels.



    • Craig T. Owens Says:

      You are right, Chilly. I’m especially challenged by the angel who interceded for the oppressors. Too many times I only pray for the victims, but those who are oppressing the victims are in desperate need of our prayers too. Perhaps the picture of the lion and the lamb laying down together could be a picture of a former-Islamist oppressor and an innocent Sudanese victim, or a Nazi concentration camp guard and a Jewish prisoner. All need our prayers.

      Blessings on you,


  3. barney Says:

    We as Americans can’t or don’t want to know the pain that the people in Darfur feel everyday. We are so used to being able to eat a healthy meal each day and not too worried that we will be killed from warfare in our neighborhoods. I grieve for the thousands that are dieing at this moment. We also never feel the persecution that is felt there. Someday the Lord will prevail. Amen. Very powerful Pastor.


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