A Season Of Thanks

a-season-of-thanksWe’re starting a 3-week Thanksgiving series at Bethel A/G this Sunday morning called “A Season Of Thanks.” The idea is that — just like salt — a spirit of thanks seasons everything we do and everyone we’re around. This week we’ll look at how a part of our brain (the reticular activating system, or RAS) literally allows us to see what is wonderful and praiseworthy around us, or only allows us to see what is lousy and wrong in our world. We can program our RAS by choosing to be thankful (that word literally means full of thanks).

“The greatest saint in the world is not he who prays most or fasts most; it is not he who gives alms, or is more eminent for temperance, chastity, or justice. It is he who is most thankful to God.” — William Law

If you are around the Burton, Michigan, area over the next three Sundays, we would love to see you at 10:30 AM on November 16, 23, & 30.

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